New album: joybuzzarD; The Sun Also Burns, August 2021

Spent most of 2020 and the first several months of 2021 working on this project. I’ve included a lot of different instruments, a lot of different styles, and I’ve tried to make each song sound different from the other songs on the album. Lyrically every song is a different topic, some are personal, some are of a more general nature.

The first video from the album is on Youtube, the lyric video for Amen, which is one of my oldest songs, I’ve been playing it for years but never recorded it until recently. The song touches on my first memories of organized religion at the age of 8 in Timber Bay Children’s Home in North Saskatchewan, which either was or wasn’t a ‘residential school’ depending on whose agenda your talking to. From there, a general discussion about religion follows, and even ‘if it exists, god is too good for religion’. But it doesn’t.

joybuzzarD; The Sun Also Burns, August 2021

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